Our Team

Our company came together to produce great buildings. We are planners and builders. We began with four seasoned veterans who share the same business philosophy. We believe, based on our past experiences, that success can be achieved by offering quality work in a timely fashion. This has proved true time and time again. We face the challenges of our industry like all companies do, but we will not compromise the things that we know make us successful. Our well-founded relationships with others, our quality workmanship, our abilities to plan and achieve, all allow us to do what we do on a daily basis.

Our Owners’ projects are of the highest importance to us. Let us deliver your project on-time and on budget.

Leon Moody


Leon graduated from Jacksonville State University in 1989 where he played baseball for four years.  He then earned an MBA from LaGrange College in 1991.  As the managing principal of the firm, he has oversight on corporate management, strategic planning, fiscal responsibility, business development and marketing.  He spent 17 years with a large construction firm and then spent seven years consulting for firms of all sizes in several Southeastern states. Having been in the construction industry for 26 years, Leon specializes in helping Owners define a program which often translates into design-build projects.  He is an avid community supporter and serves on several boards and committees.  He has been married to Lisa Moody for 25 years and they have four children.

Why I Do What I Do

“I’ve always liked the change that is always happening in construction. There’s always action in the office and in the field. Every day new opportunities arise. It’s fun.”

Jay Johnson, LEED AP

Vice President, Senior Project Manager

Jay graduated from Auburn in 2006 having co-oped during college.  He began his career as a Superintendent and spent six years in the field before becoming a Project Manager. He has built multiple LEED facilities in the Southeast. Jay graduated from the Leadership Troup Program in 2013, is a member of the Kiwanis Club of LaGrange, and volunteers for several community organizations.  He has been married to Wendy Johnson for ten years and they have one daughter.

Why I Do What I Do

“The pride that comes from being an instrumental team member on unique and challenging projects is unlike any other. I’ve had a passion for construction my entire life.”

Paul Posey

Vice President, General Manager

Paul manages the firm’s Restoration Division. His focus is sales and operations management in Columbus, LaGrange, Auburn and Opelika. Paul served as the former president of the Greater Columbus Homebuilders Association, was awarded the Torch Award by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce for doing business with integrity, and is a current member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. He has been married to Helen Posey for 28 years and they have two daughters.

Why I Do What I Do

“Whether bricks and mortar or flesh and blood, I am a problem solver. My passion is identifying the need, finding the solution, and seeing it through resolution.”

Mike Gaymon

Business Development

Mike Gaymon serves as a consultant to the firm.  He in involved with business development on a daily basis.  For over 26 years Mike was the CEO and President of The Columbus Chamber of Commerce.  He has served as President of Chamber of Commerces in Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina.  He has taught college classes, seminars, and often speaks as a keynote speaker for various organizations and businesses.  Mike is the author of “A View From The Backhoe”.

Why I Do What I Do

“For 38 years I worked for Chamber of Commerces  in four different states. Our major focus was economic and community development. It is exciting to link our company’s abilities and expertise with a project in a community that results in new capital investment and jobs.  Finding the right opportunities that result in a “win-win” is what it is all about.”