Construction Management

Principle Construction uses integrated systems combined with competent project management to help you achieve your project goals. There are two options when working with us as your Construction Management Team:

CM At Risk

CM At Risk, or Construction Manager At Risk, is employed when an Owner is seeking early contractor involvement to secure an on-budget design and coordinated trades through each phase of the process.

This team arrangement is conducive to collaboration between Owner, Contractor and Architect/Designer for the betterment of the project. Also with this approach, the Construction Manager is still able to leverage a competitive bid process by packaging the project and having qualified contractors and subcontractors bid each package. This can drive a project’s cost down significantly.

CM Not At Risk

CM “Not At Risk”, or Construction Manager Not At Risk, is the Building Owner’s decision to hire a general contractor outright under a professional services agreement—similarly to the onboarding of a project architect.

The term “Not at Risk” refers to the Owner’s agreement to hold all project contracts while the CM manages said contracts. The CM Not At Risk then divides the project into packages for competitive bids on each package.

Not sure which approach is right for your project? Contact us for more information.