LaGrange Police Building Renovations

Principle was recently awarded the Renovations of the LaGrange Police Building. The renovations will begin in December and are slated to last 32 months. It is required for the project to be done in four phases to protect the evidence room and other sequencing requirements. Danny Johnson will be Project Manager and Riley Bowles will be Superintendent for Principle.

Leon Moody
President & CEO

As Founder and Managing Principal, Leon’s role includes communication between offices, staff development, business development, strategic planning and financial oversight.

Leon has a diverse background having been a developer, construction consultant and construction executive. His career involves working with both municipal and private owners. He graduated from Jacksonville State University in 1989 where he played baseball. He then earned an MBA from LaGrange College.

Leon began his career with a large contractor where he spent 17 years. When he left he had risen to Executive Vice President. He then consulted for seven years in the Southeast prior to founding Principle Construction in 2013. He has always been an avid community supporter and today serves on multiple boards and committees. He is married to Lisa Moody and they have four children and two granddaughters. Leon is an active golfer, sports enthusiast and enjoys traveling with his family.