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Why I Do What I Do

“I’ve always enjoyed learning how things work and making improvements when possible. Being part of an innovative team solving complex challenges is truly rewarding.”

Doug Pauley
Project Manager

Why I Do What I Do

“The pride that comes from being an instrumental team member on unique and challenging projects is unlike any other. I’ve had a passion for construction my entire life.”

Jay Johnson
Vice President | Sr. Project Manager

Why I Do What I Do

” I enjoy learning about all aspects of the industry from running the office to the materials and methods used in the field. I work with a great team that makes every day more enjoyable.”

Ashley Mirseyedi
Office Manager, LaGrange

Why I Do What I Do

“Communication is essential and I enjoy staying in touch with all decision makers on each project. I like the process it takes to make every project be a success”.

Danny Johnson
Sr. Project Manager

Why I Do What I Do

“I enjoy the process of solving complex challenges and the ability to see the positive outcome. The restoration of structures and the human spirit following a fire or water damage brings a great sense of satisfaction.”

Paul Posey
Vice President | General Manager | Principle Restoration

Why I Do What I Do

“I’ve always liked the change that is constantly happening in construction. Working with great and innovative people makes each day very rewarding.”

Leon Moody

Why I Do What I Do

“Constructing a building is a complex process with many variables that can affect the outcome in a positive or negative way. I have enjoyed being not just a problem solver but also a problem preventer so that all project stakeholders can benefit from a successful project.”

Brent Conrad
Sr. Estimator