Vision | Mission | Values

Our Vision

We commit to honor our faith, family, and others while going about the business of Principle Construction. We will uphold our values and diligently work to make Principle Construction profitable. We will be generous with our blessings.


Our Mission

Principle Construction commits to offer the best quality construction to clients needing a contractor they can trust. We will always maintain the highest standards of service in the construction industry.


Our Values

We place the customer experience at the top in importance. We exist to support our customers. For this reason it is our goal to provide them with outstanding construction management, cost control, quality and communication. This is how we show our appreciation for them.

We are committed to our people. We seek the best talent in our industry and offer opportunity to excel at what we do. Each manager is encouraged to make decisions that benefit the customer experience and the company. We are a team who helps each other to be successful.

We operate our business ethically. Good business always involved paying attention to ethics. We hold ourselves to a standard of honesty and integrity. We are all accountable to each other.

We strive continually to improve. We are always looking at our systems and procedures and evaluating them.  Our industry continues to change which requires us to change with it.  As our customers change, we too must change to be able to offer exceptional service.

We give back to our communities. Leadership requires looking around and noticing those in need and then responding accordingly.  Each Principle office has a charity it supports.  Each team member is encouraged to get involved in that charity and make a difference.

Community Support