What We Do


Principle provides preconstruction on most of the projects we are awarded and we view this phase as the most critical part of any project. The budgeting, reviewing, phasing, planning and procurement services performed in this timeframe contribute to the project’s success. The relationships that are formed, understanding of everyone’s expectations, and knowledge of the Owner’s processes help ensure that budgets and schedules are accurate and achievable.

Early in the process we identify budget parameters, schedule constraints and phasing needs, and identify the level of quality that is expected. Our experience lends well to offering strategic options, introducing new technologies, and formulating innovative design ideas. Our goal is to become an integral part of the team before construction begins so that we can positively impact the project.

Our preconstruction services include:

  • Project coordination and planning
  • Budget development and reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) expertise
  • Value Analysis
  • Constructability reviews
  • Work package scope development
  • Subcontractor solicitation and prequalification

General Contracting

The conventional design-bid-build method is used in this delivery type. A contractor is hired after the design has either started or completed. This method is used when price is the primary differentiator or when the Owner requires multiple bids. The Owner expects the General Contractor (GC) to hold all contracts and deliver the work on a lump sum basis. Principle Construction seeks to include all parties involved in decision making to foster a team environment under a General Contracting arrangement.

Construction Management At Risk

CM at Risk is often used when the Owner wants early involvement from a contractor to ensure that design is on budget and all trades are coordinated initially and throughout the project.  This allows for early formation of a team approach and good communication between the Owner, Construction Manager, and Architect.  The Construction Manager can still achieve a competitive bid process by packaging the project and having qualified contractors and subcontractors bid each package.

Construction Management Not At Risk

CM not at Risk is a method that is used when an Owner wants to hire a contractor outright under the professional services agreement in the way an architect is usually hired.  The CM is not at risk meaning that the Owner is agreeing to hold all contracts and the CM agrees to manage those contracts.  The CM divides the project into packages and takes competitive bids on each package.


This single source delivery method is advantageous when the schedule is vital. In a Contractor led Design-Build scenario, the Owner hires a contractor and the contractor is responsible for assembling a designer who works for the Contractor. This approach offers a single source with whom to communicate. The Contractor and Architect work closely during design to ensure that the design is on budget. Construction may even begin before design is completed through a fast-track method. The price is usually fixed early with contingencies for both design and construction. Under this delivery method, Principle Construction acts as the single point of contact.

Our Principles

Principle Construction is a regional construction firm providing clients with quality construction services from our group of seasoned veterans. Principle was founded on the “Principle” that good guys finish first by doing good. We seek to do good work, treat others fairly, and honor what we say we are going to do.


The leadership of Principle Construction stems around Leon Moody, founder and President. Alongside Moody are Sykes Smith and Jay Johnson, both owners and Sr. Project Managers. Their approach to building is one of integrity, teamwork and commitment to their clients. The three managers foster an attitude of teamwork and cooperation that is recognized by Owners and Architects. The entire project and field management team shares the common goals of quality, efficient, and cost-effective work. We also understands the importance of making all subcontractors part of the team by treating them fairly and paying them promptly. Simply stated, treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated produces excellent results.

Range of Services

We currently focus our operations from Atlanta to Auburn. We utilize general construction, construction management, and design build delivery methods to manage construction projects in Commercial, Educational, Medical, Industrial, and Renovation projects.